Ange is a teenager who loves to sing. She is fiesty, talkative, short tempered,
and a prankster at heart. Being the embodiment of an angelfish, Ange takes great pride
in her ability to grow a tail fin, but becomes embarrassed when people stare at it.
As the older sister, Ange feels it is her job to protect Urel. The twins are very close.

She is often called "Jen" by her younger brother
and "Angie" by her friends.

Urel is a kind natured teenager who enjoys singing even though he doesn't believe he is
any good. Being the embodiment of an owl, Urel is naturally wise, observative, cunny, and
swift. Although his naive and gentle character makes it hard to tell. Around strangers, he
is a bit soft spoken, but he can be very energetic and active when with his sister. The twins
are very close.

He is often "Rel" by his older sister.